Watching the weather and chance of snow before Christmas. We are ready to service your heating equipment and keep you and your family warm this holiday!

Most recent weather forecast for this week predicts temperatures between mid 30s and mid 40s with a high chance of rain. But at the end of the week temperatures are expected to drop below freezing. At this point it looks like Saturday, Dec 24th, we may get snow! 🌨

Rumor has it that Murphy will make his appearance at several homes this winter in the form of frozen pipes, water heater going out or leaking, furnace breaking down, no heat in the home, and the list goes on. When Murphy picks the time, it is usually most inconvenient to home owners. Murphy seems to take pleasure in showing up during the holidays, weekends and at any other time when family or guests come over. We know this because we have caught Murphy in people’s homes at these exact times. Here’s the good news!

The best, surest and cheapest way to keep Murphy away is to have your equipment checked routinely. Even this late in the year it is worth putting your mind at ease by having a maintenance inspection on your furnace and other equipment to keep your heat and hot water on.

At Clean Air Comfort Systems we are always ready to come serve you. Call today or make an appointment right here from the website. You will be glad you did.

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