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When it comes to air-conditioning for your home or business, contact Clean Air Comfort Systems for a wide range of products and services. Our locally owned and operated company offers FREE estimates and you get a 2-year workmanship warranty with every installation!
We have the best local Air Conditioning installation service — Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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If you are looking to get an air conditioner for your Bellingham property or business, contact Clean Air Comfort Systems now. When the heat hits, our schedule fills up quickly, so you’ll want to get your name in as soon as you can. If you want to ask some clarifying questions or have any other concerns, our friendly staff is waiting at the ready for your call.

Below we have listed the most common questions asked by Bellingham homeowners of our air conditioning installation and service technicians:

How much does an air conditioner cost?

Installed, a forced air conditioner costs $5400 or more. The installation price of an air conditioner can be reduced with manufacturer and utility rebates. Ask us what’s available at this time and we will save you as much money as possible so that you can get your home cool this summer! There’s a way to work within any budget when you work with the pros at Clean Air Comfort Systems.

How big of an air conditioner do I need?

To determine the size of the AC unit you need, ask yourself some questions. How big is your house? How airtight is your house? What size are the windows? What type of windows do you have? What is the exposure of your windows: north, south, etc? What R-Value is the isolation in your ceiling? How much airflow can your ducts handle?

In order to properly size your air conditioner, a qualified HVAC professional must do a lot of testing of your home, your existing furnace or air conditioner, as well as a thorough home inspection also known as an Energy Audit. Our professional team will then ask you the proper questions in order to find the best air conditioner to suit your needs and the climate of Washington. After all the necessary information is gathered, the HVAC professional will input this data into a highly specialized piece of software.

The process takes several hours from beginning to end, and some steps are not mentioned here. But within the same day, you can generally get an answer. Anything short of our procedure would merely be an uneducated guess. After all, when it comes to finding the right AC unit, your guess is as good as ours. The difference is that our technology, expertise, and procedural systems give you a certain answer, rather than a mere heuristic.

Can you soundproof my air conditioner?

Yes, there are several things we can do for your air conditioner to reduce the noise, whether it’s for your own peace of mind or the comfort of your whole Bellingham neighborhood.

A single-stage AC is somewhat loud but when combined with a compressor sound blanket and other mitigating measures, we can reduce the noise by several decibels. Whether you are purchasing from us or already have an AC system installed, we are more than happy to soundproof the unit for you.

Sound proofing an air conditioner will not make it totally silent but you will definitely notice a positive difference. Just read what our clients in Bellingham have to say — they like the results. If you are installing an air conditioner for the first time or replacing an older unit, please keep in mind that a higher-efficiency system with variable speed will operate much more quietly than other models. Indeed, the quietest air conditioners currently available are those with inverter compressors and variable capacity pumps.

What kind of warranty should I get if I buy a new air conditioner from you?

When you purchase an air conditioner, you will receive a minimum warranty of 5 years for parts, provided you buy through the manufacturer. The best part warranty on air conditioners can often be extended to up to 10 or 12 years — for free!

On every unit that Clean Air Comfort Systems installs for you, we will guarantee FREE service and maintenance for the first 2 years of ownership!

Should I get a labor warranty for my air conditioner?

That is up to you. As a consumer, you have the choice to purchase a labor warranty for your air conditioner or to opt out. Some companies automatically include a labor warranty in their initial estimate, but that is not a free service. With most AC companies, you’ll end up paying for an extended 10-year labor warranty as a hidden cost of the package.

At Clean Air Comfort Systems, we don’t necessarily think that a 10-year labor warranty is a bad thing. However, as an educated consumer and homeowner you should know what the terms are beyond a verbal promise that “Everything is covered.”

When a part fails on your “fully warrantied” air conditioner, the third-party labor warranty company might pay the repair contractor a percentage of the labor cost, but you’ll have to cover the difference. You might be okay with this if you know it from the beginning. Unfortunately, many of our clients have told us that they found themselves stuck with a hefty bill after an air conditioner repair, all the while thinking it would be free.

Bottom line is this: be inquisitive about how the extended 10-year labor warranty on your new air conditioner works when you go to use it, and be familiar with all the terms of the agreement before you make the buy.

Should I get a heat pump instead of an air conditioner?

That is entirely up to you, but there are four main facts to consider when you are deciding between an air conditioner versus a heat pump. The difference may be crucial in a climate as versatile as Bellingham, Washington!

Firstly, air conditioners and heat pumps look virtually the same from the outside. Secondly, a heat pump costs little more than an air conditioner. Thirdly, a heat pump provides heating and cooling year round. Lastly, a heat pump can save you money through efficient operation and, if you qualify, through PSE energy rebates.

Check out our heat pump resource page for more information: https://wordpress-340912-1457638.cloudwaysapps.com/hvac-services/heat-pumps/

We would love to answer any and all of your questions.

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