Find Answers to Common HVAC Questions

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What Is the Difference Between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner? 

A heat pump and an air conditioner are similar devices. They affect air quality and temperature within indoor spaces. However, a heat pump warms a home in the winter whereas an air conditioner produces cool air during summer months. 

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Serviced? 

Schedule a maintenance service for your furnace at least once a year – preferably before cold weather strikes. Regular maintenance can actually lower heating costs while prolonging the life of the unit. Maintenance calls can also identify potential health hazards like carbon monoxide leaks. 

When Is the Best Time to Upgrade My Heating or Cooling Equipment? 

Many factors can determine that it’s time to upgrade your heating or cooling system. The top 3 include:

  • The system is more than 10 years old and not keeping you comfortable
  • Your heating or cooling equipment is constantly running
  • You’re paying more than you think you should on energy bills

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