Take advantage of this time, as the busy season is winding down, to have your heating thoroughly checked!

Most Home Owners know that their heating equipment must be serviced annually by a qualified HVAC professional. Some furnace manufacturers recommend an annual inspection and cleaning, while some manufacturers require it. For certain furnaces, heat pumps, fireplaces boilers and HVAC systems the annual service is required to fulfill the terms of the warranty.

In most cases the warranty is 10 years on parts and 20 years to Lifetime on heat exchangers. That’s awesome! What other appliance in your home comes with that kind of a warranty? Most car warrantyes don’t even come close! But on average we spend more time in our heated or air conditioned homes than in our car. When you don’t maintain your vehicle and something fails due to lack of maintenance, most likely the manufacturer or dealership won’t cover the repair.

If you drive your vehicle without changing the oil (and oil filter) the engine won’t stop running at 3001 miles. But you may agree when you skip your routine maintenance and only do it when something goes wrong, or only every 2nd or 3rd interval, you won’t get the longevity that you sbould out of the engine. The same goes for furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, boilers, fireplaces and tankless water heaters.
They need scheduled routine maintenance in order to get as many years as possible out of them, whether they are fairly new or serveral years old.

Life is moving forward at a fast pace today and every week, month and year go by in a blur. It is easy to forget about your furnace annual maintenance or changing your filter every few months. The best advice and solution we offer is a Maintenance Plan so you don’t miss important appointments in your furnaces life! We keep track of time and send you a reminder so you can focus on the things that are most i.portanta in your life, your family and the things you do best!

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