Lynden and most of Whatcom Count have snow on the ground. Playing in the snow outside is definitely on most families’ list as well as spending time together inside and being comfortable.

The current landscape outside covered in snow bares a strong contrast to the recent summer. Hopefully all homeowners have had the time to have the maintenance done on their heating equipment early. Oneed sure way to have Murphy visit you is neglect to do the annual maintenance on your furnace, heat pump, fireplace or pellet stove.

Mechanical things fail, but there are things you can do to reduce those chances. Ideally, next year you can plan to have your furnace and other equipment serviced between spring and early fall. When a furnace or any type of unit goes unchecked it is likely to break down at some point that no one can predict. As an example, with the low temperatures in the last week we have had record numbers of customers without heat. If that has happened to you before you know how unpleasant that is. Some of the homes we serviced were as cold as 39 degrees, inside!

Can you guarantee that a no heat situation will never happen under any circumstances?
Realistically no one can. But the majority of the no heat emergencies homes and businesses find themselves in are caused by small failures (cheap to prevent) or by a combination of problems when stacked up will cause a failure (again, easy to catch during a maintenance). The truth is that financially it is much cheaper to have a repair during a scheduled pre-season routine maintenance visit then during an emergency on a weekend or holiday in the peak season.

At this point there is still a bit of time before winter fully hits to call and get on the schedule for a routine service. Our schedule reflects the weather so it is mostly full with a few openings. We recommend you call now to schedule your service. You can also make an appointment online at your convenience.